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The Tieng Family

The Tieng Family

The brothers William, Wilson, and Willy Y. Tieng are Filipino-Chinese businessmen who are into mass media, film industry, food industry as distributor of kitchenware, security sourcing, real estate and casinos.

They own Solar Entertainment Corporation, a mass media corporation that operates 10 TV networks: ETC, 2nd Avenue, JackTV, CT, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, NBA Premium, Shop TV, The Game Channel, and My Movie Channel. It also has a film distribution business and owns and operates Domestic Satellite Philippines Corporation (DOMSAT).

They are behind major development projects like the Manila Bay reclamation and the project to redevelop Sangley Point in Cavite, a former United States naval station, into an international airport and seaport.

The Tieng brothers used to have a 34-percent stake in Radio Philippines Network (RPN) that they acquired from the Philippine government as part of RPN and Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation’s privatization in 2011. They sold the same shares to Antonio Cabangon-Chua in August 2014. 

Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets



AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc.

Real estate

All-Asia Resources and Reclamation Corporation


Solar Securities


Federated Distributors, Inc.


iRipple Inc.


Domestic Satellite Philippines Inc. (DOMSAT)

Family & Friends

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William Y. Tieng

is the brother of Wilson and Willy Y. Tieng and the Chairman of the Board of Solar Entertainment Corporation, served as Managing Director of AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc. since August 2, 2010, Chairman of the Board of Federated Distributors, Inc., Solar Entertainment Corporation, Solar Resources, Inc. and KLG International Inc., Vice Chairman of the Media Committee of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been Director of AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc. since July 2008.

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Financial Statement of Solar Entertainment Corporation (available upon request at SEC) (2016), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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