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The Jimenez Family

The Jimenez Family

Menardo Jimenez is one of the three men considered fathers of GMA Network Incorporated together with Felipe L. Gozon and Gilberto M. Duavit Sr.. They are credited for turning the network’s fortunes around from the money-losing Republic Broadcasting System (RBS) of American Robert La Rue Stewart to a million dollar business empire today. 

Menardo Jimenez is the brother-in-law of Felipe L. Gozon, his wife is Carolina L. Gozon-Jimenez, Gozon’s sister. He was the President and Chief Executive Officer of GMA Network Incorporated from 1974 - when it was still RBS and Duavit Sr. was its chairman - to 2000.

In 1973, when Stewart’s RBS was losing money, he supposedly offered 30 percent share of RBS to Gozon but Gozon only had money to pay for 10 percent so he offered 20 percent to his brother-in-law Jimenez.

In 1975, Gozon, Jimenez and Duavit Sr. took control of the management of RBS and renamed the station GMA Network. Under their management, the station started its steady rise as the main competitor to the Lopezes’ ABS-CBN Corporation at the top of the Philippine media market. 

In 2000, the GMA board elected Gozon as chairman, president and chief executive officer, in a move to shake up management, in the process booting out his brother-in-law Jimenez from top management. Gozon has remained its chairman and chief executive officer since then but in 2010, Gilberto Duavit Jr., Duavit Sr.’s son was elected by the board as the network’s president, taking over the position from Gozon.

In the same year, his daughter, Laura J. Westfall was elected Director of GMA Network, Incorporated, a position she still holds currently. Westfall has held the following positions in the GMA Network, Incorporated: Senior Vice President of Corporate and Strategic Planning and Senior Vice President for Finance, and Chairperson and President of GMA New Media.

Two years later, in 2002, his son Joel Marcelo G. Jimenez became a member of GMA’s board.

The Jimenezes’ other businesses include real estate, restaurants, banking and insurance, mining, and motor vehicles.    

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Justitia Realty and Development Corporation


Food Pro Asia Inc.


First Metro Investment Corp.


Cunickel Mining Corporation


Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation

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Menardo Jimenez

is the brother-in-law of Felipe L. Gozon, his wife is Carolina L. Gozon-Jimenez. He is the father of Joel Marcelo G. Jimenez. He was the President and Chief Executive Officer for GMA Network, Incorporated from 1974 to 2000. He is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Albay-Agro Industrial Development Corporation, President of Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation, Justitia Realty and Development Corporation, Food Pro Asia Inc. and M.A. Jimenez Enterprises Inc., is the Chairman of Cable Entertainment Corporation, Veloci Motors, Majalco Finance & Investments Inc., Pan-Phil Aquaculture Corp., and Southwest Resources, Inc.. He is a Commissioner of Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and Governor of Philippine National Red Cross, he was a Consultant of First Metro Investment Corp., has been the Chairman of United Coconut Planters Bank since March 2011, is a Director of CCC Insurance Corporation, Mabuhay Phils. Satellite Corporation, Malayan Savings & Mortgage Bank, UniCapital Inc., UniCapital Securities, Inc., Television International Corporation, Majent Management and Development Corporation, Majent Agro Industrial Corporation, M. A. Jimenez Enterprises, Inc., Alta Tierra Resources Inc., Mont-Aire Realty and Development Corporation, CBTL Holdings Inc., Electronic Realty Associates Inc., Cunickel Mining Corporation, Franchise One Corporation, Pacrim Realty & Development Corporation, Pan-Phil Aqua Culture Corporation and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Inc., he has been a Non Executive Director of San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. since April 25, 2002, San Miguel Corporation since February 27, 2002, United Coconut Planters Bank since March 2011, and Magnolia, Inc. since August 29, 2002, Director of Nuvoland, Inc., Unicapital Finance and Investment, Inc., and Albay Agro Industrial Corp., has been a Director of Philippine National Oil Company and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc., since July 31, 2002, Director of Cosmos Bottling Corp. from May 6, 2004 to February 22, 2007 and First Metro Investment Corp. since March 21, 1994.

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Financial Statement of GMA Holdings Incorporated (available upon request at SEC) (2016), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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