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ABS-CBN Corporation

ABS-CBN Corporation

ABS-CBN Corporation is the biggest media conglomerate in the Philippines, dominating three main platforms: television, radio, and online media.

ABS-CBN traces its beginnings to the merger of two broadcast networks after World War II: Alto Broadcasting System and Chronicle Broadcasting Network.

ABS was owned by then president Elpidio Quirino’s younger brother Antonio, who bought into Bolinao Electronics Corporation, a company owned by Jewish-American businessman James Lindberg that assembled radio-transmitting equipment. Lindenberg applied for and got the very first television franchise in the Philippines, and, on October 23, 1953, ABS aired the first full-blown TV broadcast in the country as DZAQ-TV.

CBN, on the other hand, stands for Chronicle Broadcasting Network and was owned by Eugenio Lopez Sr. of the Lopez family that also owned the broadsheet Manila Chronicle.

Lopez bought ABS from the Quirinos on February 24, 1957. ABS-CBN came into existence, and was the first Philippine network to broadcast in color.

Lopez was the elder brother of Fernando Lopez who served as Elpidio Quirino’s vice president from 1949 to 1953 and Ferdinand Marcos’ vice-president until 1972, when Marcos declared martial law and took control of all media, including ABS-CBN and the Manila Chronicle which then ceased operations.

ABS-CBN resumed commercial operations after the People Power Revolution in 1986 when then President Corazon Aquino, through an executive order, gave the Lopezes back the businesses that Marcos seized from them 14 years earlier, including ABS-CBN and other companies. 

On March 1, 1987, Channel 2 was relaunched as “The Star Network” and has since then produced content that appeals to the Filipino viewing public.

Today, ABS-CBN Corporation has P38.278 billion ($817 million) declared revenue as of December 31, 2015 with the bulk of its income coming from its broadcast operations followed by its cable and satellite operations. It has presence on TV via ABS-CBN 2, sports station Sports+Action, and regional channels. On radio, there is DZMM on the AM band and 101.9 on the FM band, while online platform is The company continues to produce printed material with ABS-CBN Publishing Incorporated, a magazine and book publisher.ABS-CBN forms a duopoly in the Philippine media landscape together with its closest competitor, GMA Network Incorporated, with the two giants capturing 80.72 percent of the television audience in the Philippines.

 ABS-CBN Corporation is part of the Lopez group of companies known as Lopez, Incorporated. Its non-media businesses include power and energy, property development, financial services, and manufacturing.

They were into water services, telecommunications, and tollways.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Key facts

Mother Company

Lopez, Incorporated

Business Form


Legal Form


Business Sectors

Lopez, Inc. is an investment company with interests in sectors such as broadcasting and cable, telecommunications, power generation and distribution, and banking.


Lopez, Incorporated

Lopez, Inc. is an an investment company with interests in sectors such as broadcasting and cable, telecommunications, power generation and distribution, and banking. It is the parent company of ABS-CBN Corporation.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Metro magazine

Other TV Outlets

VHF TV Stations as of December 31, 2015:
Manila - Channel 2

Other Radio Outlets

FM Radio Stations as of December 31, 2015:
Manila - Frequency (MHz) 101.9

Other Online Outlets

<> redirecting to <>


Media Business

Cable & satellite programming

ABS-CBN International, Inc.


ABS-CBN Telecom North America, Inc.

Movie production

ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.

Television & radio broadcasting

AMCARA Broadcasting Network, Inc. (49%)

Print publishing

ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. (API)

Production facility

ABS-CBN Studios, Inc.
Content development & programming

http://Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI)

Content development & programming

Sarimanok News Network, Inc. (SNN)

http://ABS-CBN Center for Communication Arts, Inc.

Marketing, sales & advertising

Center PTE. Ltd.

Holding company

Sky Vision Corporation

Call center

iConnect Convergence, Inc.

Cable television services

Sky Cable Corporation

Home shopping

A CJ O (50%)

Boxing promotions

ALA Sports (44%)


Real estate

ABS-CBN Integrated and Strategic Property Holdings, Inc.

Restaurant and food

TV Food Chefs, Inc.

Non-vessel common carrier

ABS-CBN Global Cargo Corporation

Holding company

ABS-CBN Theme Parks and Resorts Holdings, Inc.

Money remittance

ABS-CBN Europe Remittance Inc.


ABS-CBN Middle East LLC


ABS-CBN Telecom North America, Inc.


ABS-CBN Center for Communication Arts, Inc.

Marketing, sales & advertising

Center PTE. Ltd.

Support services

ABS-CBN Shared Service


Daum Kakao Corporation (50%)

Theme park

Play Innovations, Inc.

Call center

iConnect Convergence, Inc.

Home shopping

A CJ O (50%)

Holding company

ABS-CBN Global Ltd.

Cable & satellite programming

ABS-CBN International, Inc.
Cable & satellite programming

http://ABS-CBN Europe Ltd.

Money remittance

ABS-CBN Europe Remittance Inc.


ABS-CBN Middle East LLC


ABS-CBN Telecom North America, Inc.

General Information

Founding Year



Eugenio “Geny” Lopez, Sr.

Affiliated Interests Founder

Eugenio “Geny” Lopez, Sr. is the son of former Iloilo governor Benito Lopez and the elder brother of former Vice President Fernando Lopez.


ABS-CBN Corporation and Subsidiaries had 5,926 regular employees, 1,301 non-regular employees and 2,934 talents and project-based employees as of December 31, 2015.


ABS-CBN Corporation, Sgt. E.A. Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City Philippines 1103Telephone Number: +632-415-2272

Tax/ ID Number


Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

817 Mil $ / 38.278 Bil P

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

76.68 Mil $ / 3.592 Bil P

Advertising (in % of total funding)

453.89 Mil $ / 21.265 Bil P


Executive Board

Eugenio L. Lopez III - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman of Lopez Holdings Corporation, Chairman of Sky Cable Corporation, President of Sky Vision Corporation, Treasurer of Lopez, Inc., Chairman of Bayan Telecommunications, Inc., Director of First Gen Corporation, Director of First Gen Corporation, First Philippine Holdings Corporation, Rockwell Land and the Eugenio Lopez Foundation

Non-Executive Board

Emmanuel S. de Dios - Board Member and Independent Director since 2013, Professor of Economics at the University of the Philippines School of Economics since 1989, President of Human Development Network (Philippines) since July 2012, Dean of the University of the Philippines School of Economics from 2007 to 2010, member of the Board of Advisers to the Board of Directors of the Corporation from 2011 to 2013, member of the Board of Trustees of Pulse Asia (Phils.), Inc. since 2008.

Supervisory Board

Missing Data

Other Influential People

Manuel Leuterio “Noli” de Castro Jr.

is a former Vice President of the Philippines under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. De Castro is a broadcaster on ABS-CBN’s primetime news program TV Patrol and became a household name because of that. He is also the top 30 stockholder of ABS-CBN Corporation.

Further Information

Active Transparency

company/channel informs proactively and comprehensively about its ownership, data is constantly updated and easily verifiable

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Meta Data

ABS-CBN Corporation is a publicly listed corporation and is required by law to disclose all company details.

The Securities Regulation Code, Republic Act 8799, which was enacted into law in 2000, lays down stringent disclosure requirements for companies that wish to make a public offering or that are already publicly listed, including who its beneficial owners are.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Memorandum Circular No. 11, series of 2014, requires all publicly listed companies to post on their websites the following information, among other things:
1) Company profile, mission and vision, Board of Directors, organizational structure, shareholding structure, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws;
2) The disclosures required by the SEC, including periodic reports, statement of beneficial ownership and the General Information Sheet;
3) Manual on Corporate Governance, Annual Corporate Governance Reports;
4) Company policies on whistleblowing, conflict of interest, insider trading, related party transactions, health and welfare of staff;
5)Investor relations programs and shares, including the total outstanding shares, exchanges where the shares are listed, and the top 20 shareholders of the company. # Despite this law, the latest General Information Sheet on the ABS-CBN Corporate website is 2014.
Conversion rate on Dec. 31, 2015: P 46.85.

Audience share based on Nielsen’s National Urban TV Audience Measurement (TV, Jan-August 2016), Nielsen's Consumer and Media View (Print, Jan-August 2016), Audience share from Nielsen's Radio Audience Measurement (Radio, Jan-August 2016), Effective Measurement (2016) #

Founding year based on date of incorporation as reflected in the Securities and Exchange Commission documents.#

Conversion rate on Dec. 31, 2015: P 46.85 #


Financial Statement of ABS-CBN Corporation (available upon request at SEC) (2016), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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